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Phoenix Counseling and Resources is committed to offering a variety of services to support and encourage clients and practitioners alike. 

See available services below.

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Adult Counseling

One on one counseling, both in-person and via telehealth, is available to individuals seeking support and skills to meet their goals.

Adolescent Counseling

Individual Counseling is available for teens ages 14 and up. Both in-person and telehealth options are available.

Couple Counseling

Maintaining the health of partner and family relationships can sometimes be challenging. Phoenix offers couples counseling in our office.


Phoenix Counseling and Resources is here to support professionals in the helping and teaching fields. Contact us to discuss training opportunities.


Phoenix Counseling can complete the necessary ASAM biopsychosocial assessment needed for admission to state certified addiction treatment.

Licensure Supervision

Elysia Ergle is a Counselor Supervisor in licensed in the state of Alabama. Contact her to discuss opportunities for ALC supervision or consultation.

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